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EcoReset: Rules & Information
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Thread Contributor: GemuEcoReset: Rules & Information
(01-03-2019, 03:23 PM)Gemu Wrote:
(01-02-2019, 09:21 AM)Vintage Wrote:
I've just got a few queries and concerns in regards to what is currently going to happen when the reset occurs listed below:
  • Will this be a 'full' economy cleanse? (Noticed the note of enabling ::master on accounts to finalise the beta testing phase), so will levels and points obtained be cleared as well?
  • Is there an estimated date that this will occur? As an Ironman account I am pre-planning each step I take to account for the reset to avoid wasting time stocking up on supplies.
  • Is it trade-able items exclusively that will be cleared or will untradables also be removed? (Just as a basic sense as to what item to request in this scenario).
  • Assuming that the economy being cleared was down to too many items flowing into the economy before the final release, are there measures in place to ensure that another reset won't be required once the player base returns?
As for a requested item to keep:

In-Game Name: Vintage.
Requested Item: Agile Top.

Hey there, thanks for your questions Smile
  • No, this will not be an entire reset. All player levels will remain, and most points will be removed. Pre-enabling the use of commands and handing out items, I will make a backup folder of all game accounts. Those are the accounts going to be effected by the reset, and the remainders will be discarded. The points that will not be removed are PKP and voting points.
  • No, I've stopped estimating dates. I've learned I am not too good at that. I assume, however, you do have some time to get a lot of things done Smile
  • Quest items specifically will not be removed. Other untradeable items, such as skill capes, will be deleted.
  • The economy is being reset to allow competition once the server is officially released. The community had voted towards the economy being reset. There are by no means too many items in the game at all. There are a few things in the server that are abusive to it, but it's nothing extremely major that would do serious damage.
Thank you for the clarification in regards to this, good to know exactly what will be affected and that there will be some time before this occurs!

The item of choice will undoubtedly change upon further playtime, in which case I will edit/re-upload my choice.
"Eventually, all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know that everything happens for a reason" - Albert Schweitzer 
No problem Smile Before the reset happens, I'll re-check the thread and update each item accordingly.

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