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Toolbelt & Farming Updates
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Thread Contributor: GemuToolbelt & Farming Updates
Toolbelt is here:
[Image: KTaPKiu.png]

[Image: DAzy1mS.png]

[Image: uFQgObo.png]

Pretty useless for mining & woodcutting, since this revision only allows bronze hatchets and pickaxes to be added. Smile

Farming Updates!
  • Plant watering
    • Can water plants once for each growth stage
    • Watering plants reduces the time of that stage by 10%
    • After reaching the end of a growth stage, timer resets
    • Can water any crop besides herbs
  • Players may harvest plants with a full inventory
  • If the player's inventory is full, or gets full during harvest, the produce will drop on the floor
  • Growth times now handled by the patch status map, rather than the barbaric code I originally had
[Image: gMAELpJ.png]

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