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Player-Owned Houses & More!
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Thread Contributor: GemuPlayer-Owned Houses & More!
[Image: logo.png]

Player-Owned Houses Released!
  • Every object available to construct
  • Every room available to construct
  • Houses cost 500k gp and can be accessed from any house portal throughout the world
  • Many house objects are able to be interacted with
  • Will soon be the only way to get the +300% bonus exp for prayer from the gilded altar
  • Walls and roofs automatically Yanille white brick, and no options to change it as of yet
  • Very expensive skill if you're buying all the materials
  • Marble blocks now unlimited items in the GE costing a whopping 326k each
[Image: vRMK45U.png]
[Image: W3D1iXV.png]
[Image: Taxmgn3.png]
[Image: TcKBLA8.png]

Miscellaneous Updates:
  • Over 400 objects available to be used throughout various cities, and general locations all over the world
    • Taverly Dungeon now available
    • Smoke Dungeon now available
    • Thieve's Guild now accessible
    • Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon now available
    • Canoes now available
    • Baths in Oo'glog and their effects available
    • Artisan's Workshop in Falador started
    • Cockroack tunnels now available in Edge
      [Image: HyGyBUl.png]
      [Image: DVlsgBI.png]
      [Image: WfXWMDA.png]
      • A chest located inside that will reward players one time
      • A side note to this: monkey bars in the Edgeville Dungeon now work
        [Image: HgeMq8b.png]
    • Over 100 new agility shortcuts added
    • Players no longer need a spade to access Barrows tunnels, they can use the spade objects on the mounds
  • Evil Trees now available
  • Star Sprite now has it's dialogue
Oh yes, these are definitely the types of updates I'm trying to see! Amazing work sir Gemu C:
Great job Gemu, you're killin' it.

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