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Ancient Effigy
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Thread Contributor: VintageAncient Effigy
In-Game Name: Vintage.

What Are You Suggesting: I am suggesting the implementation of the Ancient Effigy item to monster drops across Pauper.

Who/What Does This Benefit: It benefits the community as such. It gives another unique drop for players to look for whilst they complete their goals across Pauper. Similarly to how Caskets and Crystal Keys have their perks for unique items, these would implement another method of accessing ways to obtain some bonus experience through Dragonkin Lamps.

Any Additional Information: Through implementing this system, you could go one step further to include the 'Request Assistance' service for players looking to open their drops when they do not have the required levels. This could be an incentive that brings more interaction between higher and lower level players to work together, or open services for those higher levels to sell their service to assist others. To avoid overuse, this could be limited so that these players aren't getting mass amounts of experience for little interaction.
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